In her eighth Nature of Desire novel, Hill takes the currently prevalent trope of a Dom with a painful past who's saved by the ingenue submissive and rips it to shreds. In one of the most human BDSM erotic romances this reviewer has read, Hill delicately addresses the potential for mental illness in the BDSM community without sensationalizing it, as well as gives readers a character finding her way amid the black-and-white labeling that doesn't quite fit her. Depicting both the tentative entry of a woman with some baggage into a world she had only a passing familiarity with and how the community takes care of its own, this novel hits all the right notes. Readers will fall in love with Noah and Lyda right along with Gen, and probably find themselves reading long into the night with fingers crossed and nails bitten, hoping for a happy ending to this unconventional relationship.

Gen may work with two women who are part of the local BDSM community, but that doesn't mean she has any interest in it herself. Until, that is, she meets her boss M's Domme friend Lyda. Gen finds herself strangely attracted to Lyda, and her incredibly sexy submissive, Noah, but as she dips her toe into their world, she discovers there may be more to herself than she knew — and she may be in over her head with Lyda and Noah. (ELLORA'S CAVE, dl., $9.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo