Josie Belmont is not ready to die, especially not when her child is just moments away from being born. Unfortunately fate has other plans, because shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Josie slips away from her earthly body.

When the Archangel Raphael offers Josie the opportunity to return to earth to help her now grown daughter D.J. Halloran, Josie leaps at the chance-despite her frustration at being forbidden to confess her identity to her daughter.

D.J. Halloran, "Officer Ice" as she is sometimes known, has not been having a great week. First, she is involved in a shoot-out with a fifteen-year-old gang member, and to add insult to injury, while the incident is being investigated she is forced to assist the Mayor's friend, writer Christian McCall, in his research. To top things off, she is confronted by a "guardian angel" who is driving her nuts.

When two attempts are made on Chris' life, D.J. figures it's best to get out of town until they can figure out who wants him dead. Chris is no stranger to death and loss. As a teenager he witnessed his parents' brutal murders; on that day he made a vow in his dying parents name never to settle for anything less than true love.

D.J. has never experienced love in her life. Her father, destroyed by his wife's death, shut out his daughter emotionally, and her marriage to Rich Halloran was a disaster. Josie will have her hands full trying to teach her daughter to love, but in order to save Chris' live, it is vital that D.J. learn.

Time is running out and the stalkers are closing in. It will take some heavenly intervention if D.J. and Chris are to make it out of this spot alive.

D.J.'s ANGEL is a rich and charming tale of love, loss and redemption. While Josie was not given the opportunity to watch her beloved daughter grow, she can be there to teach her vital lessons on the all-consuming power of love. Marvelous reading. (Sept.,400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith