Image of Do or Die: Reluctant Heroes (Troubleshooters)


Image of Do or Die: Reluctant Heroes (Troubleshooters)

Brockmann returns to her romantic suspense roots with the launch of her Reluctant Heroes series. Events take off with a bang and never let up as Brockmann juggles multiple plots with her protagonists caught in a web of deceit (for the right reasons) as well as treachery. As always, there is humor, poignancy and kick- ass action that will keep your blood pumping. The name Brockmann means romantic suspense!

Ex-Navy SEAL turned jewel thief/con man Ian Dunn is currently in prison, so the U.S. government thinks he will jump at the chance to get out early and help rescue two kidnapped kids in a foreign embassy. What they don’t know is that Ian is in prison as part of a deal to protect his brother — and he has other secrets — so he declines. Too bad he can’t say no. Attorney Phoebe Kruger is new to Ian’s case, and from the moment Ian leaves prison, things don’t go as planned. Ian needs to stay alive, rescue the kids and keep his brother’s family safe, all with Phoebe dogging his steps. (BALLANTINE, Feb., 576 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith