Fern and Donald, a pair of elderly assassins, come out of retirement to take one more job. Donalds old friend Artie Maxwell, a con artist and bigamist, wants Fern and Donald to take out a woman named Luci Seymour before she can unwittingly mess up his latest scam.

New Orleans Police Detective Mickey Ross agrees to pick up Luci Seymour from the airport as she arrives in town for a family wedding. Mickeys Uncle Eddie is marrying Unabelle, who is a protigi of the eccentric Seymour clan.

The Aunts, Misses Weena, Hermi & Theo are enough to drive anyone to drink. Only Miss Gracie seems to be sane; however, there is just one problemMiss Gracie is a ghost.

As Mickey and Luci arrive in the airport parking lot, they are assaulted by machine gun fire coming from of all thingsa Yugo. Mickey at first assumes that he is the intended target, but when strange accidents start to follow Luci around, it becomes apparent that she may be the targetbut why?

The more time Mickey spends in the company of the Seymour women, the more confused he gets. When a local crime boss suddenly wants to talk to Luci, the fat really hits the fire. Mickey is determined to get to the bottom of the puzzleand keep Luci alive. However, he may end up strangling her himself.

When it comes to creating stories with offbeat humor and outrageous situations, Pauline Baird Jones is in a class by herself. A most excellent experience! (dl $3.95, cd $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith