Rose Early is concerned when her photographer sister Joan suddenly disappears while working on a book about religious art commissioned by the Church of England. Rose is especially worried when she considers Joan's recent e-mails, which were odd and slightly disturbing in their discussions of evil. Rose hopes to get some answers by flying to England and Marleton Village, Joan's last known address.

The one clue that Rose has is a book by a local horror author, Vic Drummond, called Do You Believe in Evil? Joan had clearly marked in her copy of the book that she believed. Unfortunately, Rose finds Vic rude and reclusive, yet attractive.

At first, Vic isn't interested in helping Rose, but her persistence, and his growing suspicion that something is amiss, cause him to reconsider. Although Vic writes about evil for a living, he never dreamed that it was lurking in this sleepy English village.

Using a seemingly placid village as the backdrop for evil makes for a wonderfully chilling atmosphere in this creepy new thriller. But because of a slow start, the pacing of this book feels a bit off and the climax loses some punch. The storyline, however, is intriguing and downright eerie. (May, 369 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith