Image of Do You Take This Cop?


Image of Do You Take This Cop?
DO YOU TAKE THIS COP? (3) by Beth Andrews: On the run from her pedophile husband, Lynne Addison takes on a new identity, Faith Lewis, and changes her son's name. They settle in a small Maine town and meet police officer Nick Coletti. Reluctant to tell Nick she's running from her husband and the law since she took off with her son, she befriends him, hoping he'll be sympathetic should she ever have to tell him the truth. But her plan to control Nick backfires when she falls for him. When her husband's P.I. shows up, Nick steps in to help her. While well written, the story ties things up a bit too neatly. The consequences of Lynne's actions are glossed over and may leave the reader with questions. Additionally, there is no final confrontation, which is somewhat unsatisfying.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay