THE DOCTOR’S DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (2) by Janice Lynn: Playboy Dr. Levi Fielding has quite a reputation around Angel Creek, North Carolina. Thinking that a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude will appeal to the doctor, nurse Madison Swanson lets him know that she is looking for a no-strings-attached affair. However, Levi is tired of moving from one woman to another. He is looking for a serious relationship and Madison’s caviler attitude about dating turns him off. So no matter how attracted Levi is to the blond, he vows hands off. But then he saves Madison from choking and sometime between performing the Heimlich maneuver and carrying her to the hospital, he realizes that avoiding a relationship with the feisty nurse is an impossibility. While the plot of the reforming bad-boy and the good girl wanting to cut loose has the potential for lots of fun, the way that the author presents her characters’ thoughts is confusing. Madison says she wants a fling, but then she is hurt that Levi doesn’t want commitment. Levi says he wants a real relationship, but then he continually warns Madison off saying that it is impossible for him to stick around. They go back and forth so much in deciding what they want, that it is impossible for the reader to keep up. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne