DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO DATING IN THE JUNGLE by Tina Beckett (4): Dr. Matthew Palermo runs a hospital on a boat that travels from village to village in the Amazon jungle. He is looking forward to meeting the new doctor that he has just hired to help out the practice, but when he discovers that his new colleague, Dr. Stevie Wilson, is female, he doesn’t expect her to last long in the wild. Despite the jungle's challenges, Stevie is determined to make her new job work. And after catching her ex-fiancée cheating, she is not looking for love, only for a new start. However, as attraction simmers between her and Matt, Stevie begins to wonder if they could have a future together as more than just professional partners. This is a tension filled, emotional story with just the right amount of drama. The author’s vivid description of the Brazilian jungle and its people make this story something special. Readers will be able to clearly picture the villages and the patients that Matt and Stevie treat. (HARLEQUIN, Jan., dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

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Nas Dean