Image of The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress (Medical Romance, #504)


Image of The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress (Medical Romance, #504)

THE DOCTOR AND THE RUNAWAY HEIRESS by Marion Lennox (3): After finding her fiancée in the arms of another women, Philippa Penelope Fotheringham calls off her wedding and decides to go on her honeymoon on the Australian coast solo. At the fancy hotel, Pippa goes for a night swim in the ocean and gets caught in an undertow. New South Wales Coast Flight-Aid is called in to rescue the heiress in her apparent suicide attempt. But far from suicidal, Pippa finds she has a lot to live for. First, she doesn’t have to return to her cheating fiancée, second, she absolutely loves her new surroundings and finally, she definitely wants to get to know Riley Chase better, the doctor who saved her life. Riley is immediately intrigued by Pippa. She obviously comes from money, but instead of coasting through life, Pippa has trained to become a nurse so she can help others. Riley is pleased when Pippa decides to join the medical staff in his small town, however, the busy doctor has more on his mind than the new nurse. Riley has just gotten a call that Lucy, his 18-year-old daughter he didn’t know he had, will be arriving in a few days. For a man that values his independence and solitude, it is a rude awakening to find that he is welcoming a ready-made family and falling in love with Nurse Pippa who was his patient only a few days ago. While both the hero and heroine go through several changes during the course of the story, oftentimes their characterization is inconsistent. This makes it difficult for the reader to lose themselves in the story. However, the focus on family drama is very well done as are the scenes set in the desolate Australian outback. 

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Dawn Crowne