Dr. Shayla Crawford is young and spoiled and banned by her family to live in the wilds of Alberta, Mississippi. Her father, who is sick and tired of fixing her messes, decides that if she wants to live up to her potential she'll have to prove herself in a backwater hospital where she must cope with her responsibilities. Not long after finding herself in the hospital aptly labeled "Welcome to Hell," Shayla saves Dr. Jake Parker's life but antagonizes him by taking over his "cabin" and "firing" his sister, who is a licensed nurse. Shayla's attitude and Jake's traditional sense of manhood places these two lovers on opposite sides of the fence.

Ms. Green's sense of the ridiculous brings smiles to the reader's face for one never knows what will come around the corner or out of these characters' mouths.

The chemistry between Jake and Shayla could have been a bit stronger, but the plot and the obstacles between the two are well layered and keeps the reader entertained. (May, 280 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Shamaine Henry