Image of Doctor In The House


Image of Doctor In The House

Dr. Ivan Munro, known as Ivan the Terrible, is a brilliant neurosurgeon who's loathed or feared by everyone. When he has to train a resident, he's his usual caustic, dismissive self. Bailey Del Monico, a brilliant young doctor who grew up in a missionary family in Africa, is intimidated but won't admit it. She sees the pain in Ivan that everyone else has missed, but Ivan does his best to push her away. Doctor in the House (4.5), by Marie Ferrarella, is perfect. The dialogue, the characters, the scenes never hit a false note. Ivan isn't slightly prickly or difficult like some dark heroes; he's on the verge of almost becoming a monster. But his brilliant, cutting sense of humor is truly funny, and Bailey is a gem.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor