Image of The Doctor's Devotion (Love Inspired)


Image of The Doctor's Devotion (Love Inspired)
THE DOCTOR’S DEVOTION (4) by Cheryl Wyatt: Lauren Bates hasn’t seen her Grandpa Lem in five years, but when she learns he fears his upcoming birthday, she visits in hopes of offering comfort and reassurance. Having abandoned her nursing career to open a sewing shop, she feels unable to move closer. Dr. Mitch Wellington believes Lem is lonely, even though they are quite close — much to Lauren’s dismay. She views Mitch as a threat and is not happy with his arguments for her to return to nursing. How will things change when Lem goes missing? Wyatt’s own personal tragedies during the writing of the book make the story’s theme of faith more powerful.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee