Kate Bridges offers a touching and intriguing romance of feuding families on the order of "Romeo and Juliet." It offers two love stories-one from an older couple's view and the other from the view of youthful impulse. Both cue the reader's heart to accept the wonders of selfless love.

Emma Sinclair loved Wyatt Barlow when they were teens but their battling families complicated the happy ending they deserved. Wyatt loved Emma enough to lie to her so that she would go away to become a doctor, then he married because he believed she'd never return. Now, years later, she's back for a visit before setting up her medical practice.

The widowed Wyatt's teen daughter loves Emma's young brother, amid the same family feud, putting Emma and Wyatt at odds despite the secret and intense longing of both to renew their past love.

The great Montana setting and exciting Western action highlight a story that moves quickly toward a top-notch romantic ending. SENSUAL (Feb., 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger