Image of The Doctor's Newfound Family (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of The Doctor's Newfound Family (Love Inspired Historical)
THE DOCTOR’S NEWFOUND FAMILY (4) by Valerie Hansen: Sara Beth knows something is wrong when she follows her parents to the docks. The last thing she remembers before darkness claims her is seeing her parents on the ground. Dr. Taylor Hayward feels a tug on his heart while caring for Sara Beth. She has some hard decisions to make and he plans to help her in any way he can. When she and her brothers are forced out of their home, they move into an orphanage. Sara Beth begins to investigate her father’s dealings to get back her home, but this is a big undertaking for someone so young and she enlists Taylor’s help. Can Sara Beth get her life back amid all the corruption, and will she and Taylor become parents to her brothers? They will need to have faith everything will come together in the end. Hansen has written an amazing love story. The characters are caring, tender-hearted people with problems and they are strong in their faith, to believe they can turn their problems into triumphs.
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans