Dr. Grey Thunder never quite knows what to expect when he steps into an examination
room. His female patients are apt
to show up in a leopard thong or nothing
at all. The women will do almost anything to attract Mountview, Vermont's
handsome, single doctor. Grey's greatest worry is that one day one of the
women will get into a snit at being turned down and ruin his practice with false
accusations. Nurse Lori Young is pregnant, newly divorced, and running from her
ex-husband. When Grey proposes a marriage of convenience, Lori agrees to the bargain,
but will the ghosts that haunt Grey and Lori's ex destroy their fragile bond?
Donna Clayton offers the second in her Thunder Clan series. THE DOCTOR'S
PREGNANT PROPOSAL (3) features one of romances most faithful plots, the marriage
of convenience. Readers will anxiously await the next well done and believable
installment of this series.

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer