Image of The Doctor's Secret Son (Love Inspired)


Image of The Doctor's Secret Son (Love Inspired)
THE DOCTOR’S SECRET SON (4) by Deb Kastner: Nine-year-old Riley Ivers is not happy to be moving to Serendipity, Texas. His mother, Delia, is moving back to her hometown to be near her ailing mother. She will also be the town’s new doctor. One of the first people she encounters is her ex-boyfriend, and Riley’s father, Zach Bowden. She isn’t prepared to tell him that he has a son. It appears that bad boy Zach is now a Christian. Will that make it any easier for Delia? Kastner’s sweet second-chance story shows that looking to God for strength and wisdom, especially when confronting our past, is indispensable.
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Leslie L. McKee