When Cara Bentley discovers the grandfather who raised her was actually adopted at birth, she begins a three-generation search to find out what her roots really are. Against the advice of her brother, this inspirational romance writer packs up her computer and her cat, and moves to the Amish community where her grandfather was born.

Her new lawyer, the handsome Todd Reasoner, leads as bland a life as Cara does, and though shes always been content, she finally sees what her brother and grandfather have always meant when they would encourage her to live a little. Now she tries to jazz up Todd's life as she searches for her relatives. Unfortunately someone doesnt want Cara to uncover who her grandfather's parents were, and accidents begin to happen.

Though this book hints at being a romantic suspense, the suspense doesnt really occur until very near the end. However, that's perfectly fine for those who want the romance because this book is romantic, interesting, and fun. (256 pp., $9.99, Oct.)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson