Hunt will captivate readers with
this giggle-inducing first installment
in a trilogy. Jarring changes between first- and third-person point of view disrupt the flow of this otherwise enjoyable novel. The setting of a
funeral home in a small town
delivers a fresh plot with interesting twists and turns.

Jennifer Graham, once a senator's chief of staff, becomes unemployed after a messy divorce. Living with her mother in order to support herself and her two children until she can find another job, Jennifer learns she has inherited a funeral home named Fairlawn in a small town in Florida. She packs up her kids and mother in hopes of selling Fairlawn and returning to D.C. as quickly as possible, but things don't turn out like she had planned. (TYNDALE, Sep., 351 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel