Image of Home for the Summer: The Chesapeake Diaries


Image of Home for the Summer: The Chesapeake Diaries

This is a delightful story that readers should relax with and just enjoy. Anyone who loves animals, and has ever imagined what they might be thinking, will find this to be a wholly amusing tale. Those who haven’t may see the world from a quite different point of view.

Jessica Sheldon is scared of dogs, which makes her work with Woofinstock, a festival celebrating dogs, difficult to say the least. Her fear caused a problem that lost Woofinstock one of its best supporters and, this year, she hopes to make up for it. If she doesn’t, her café will go out of business. When she saves a dog from animal control, she ends up in the office of hot veterinarian Max Nakamura and volunteers to keep the dog, Zoë, until her owners are found. But when lighting quite literally strikes, she finds that she is not taking care of Zoë — they’ve switched places! (TOR, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley