P.I. Ukiah Oregon, part alien and part wolf-boy, is back in this fourth outing from the versatile Spencer. DEA agent Atticus Steele always knew he wasn't quite human, but he thought he was one of a kind—until a stakeout leads him to Ukiah, the brother he never knew he had.

As Atticus learns the truth about his origins and the nature of the deadly drug he's trying to track down, Ukiah and his part-wolf companions, a biker gang known as the Dog Warriors, battle a group of cultists who have discovered their alien natures and are determined to eliminate them, even if they have to wipe out an entire city to do it.

This is an outstanding entry in a supernatural suspense series with a wholly original premise and elements of science fiction—formidable aliens, werewolf mythology, a plausible mystery and complex, identifiable heroes. Both Atticus and Ukiah are involved in committed relationships, and their need to care for and protect their loved ones goes far in humanizing these superhumans.

For new readers, Ukiah's complicated background may be hard to place in context. Fans of Charlaine Harris and J.D. Robb would do well to track down Ukiah's first adventure, Alien Taste, and go from there. (Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum