A bit of a genre departure for Collins, the first in the Dearing Family series has it all: complex and realistic family dynamics, hilarity, romance, solid marital advice, an eclectic cast of characters — and an adorable Yorkie! The secondary storylines are equally well developed. It’s easy for the reader to become part of the story. You will be anticipating the sequel.

The Dearing family is set for their annual family reunion, where they will be meeting Ben’s fiancée, Christina. Christina is an only child, in stark contrast to Ben’s large, boisterous family. Christina is extremely anxious about what Ben’s reaction will be when he learns she has been lying to him about her family and past. After ticking off the family dog, fighting with Ben’s sister and ruining an expensive dinner, Christina feels humiliated and wants to leave. Can she let down the wall to her heart far enough to realize that love is enough to overcome any obstacle? (CHALLOW, Apr., 254 pp., $10.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee