Image of Under the Hill: Dogfighters


Image of Under the Hill: Dogfighters

Dogfighters is a sequel to Beecroft’s Bomber’s Moon that seeks to tie up all of that book’s loose ends. The story starts off slowly, but the pace picks up as the story comes to its climactic battle scene between the warring groups of fae. But epic battles come with costs, and Dogfighters doesn’t quite match the brilliance of its predecessor. Romance readers will be fairly content with the happy ending, but enjoyment of this volume’s urban fantasy elements will make or break the reading experience. Beecroft has nonetheless skillfully built a world that is creative and unforgettable.

Chris Gatrell thought that his relationship with Ben Chaudhry was finished; after they found the paranormal source of Ben’s frights, everything seemed like it had been wrapped up. Chris had no idea that Ben would be kidnapped by the fae who were haunting his dreams — and that his relationship with the creatures was something far more complex. With a faerie war brewing that threatens to engulf the human realm as well, Chris has to find a way to save Ben and his former lover, Geoff, who has been trapped with the faerie for years, while preventing the strange beings from destroying the human world. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 249 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
John Jacobson