Image of Doggie Day Care Murder (Melanie Travis Mysteries)


Image of Doggie Day Care Murder (Melanie Travis Mysteries)

The latest in Berenson's long-running Melanie Travis series delivers a top-notch mystery surrounding the death of the handsome owner of the new doggie day care center. Even with a newborn to attend to, Melanie can't help delving into a mystery that will keep readers guessing until the end. Newcomers to the series will
be hooked, and returning readers will continue to enjoy Melanie's relatable nature and charm.

Melanie's life has been pretty busy since the birth of her new son, Kevin, but she can't resist a friend's request for help. Alice Brickman wants Melanie to check out the new Pine Ridge canine facility for her dog Berkley. Melanie does and gives it a thumbs-up when she sees how well the owners, Candy and Steve Pine, run it. But before Berkley can enroll, Steve is shot to death.

Now Melanie is in the middle of a mystery involving an irate pet owner, an angry ex-girlfriend, a disgruntled landowner and a silent business partner. Can she figure out which one was mad enough to pull the trigger? (KENSINGTON, Sep., 288 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin