Image of Dolci di Love: A Novel


Image of Dolci di Love: A Novel

A quick, satisfying read, Dolci di Love is an absorbing family drama. Relatable characters draw in the reader, and chapters that focus on one character’s point of view at a time keep a brisk pace. Lynch’s excellent descriptions of Italy make for lovely prose and avoid the all-too-common touristy voice that plagues many novels set in unfamiliar territory.

Work addict Lily Turner is shocked when she discovers her husband has a secret second family (complete with two children to her none) in Italy. In a fit of drunken Internet surfing, she tracks them down and books a trip to the town. Once there, though, Lily discovers the second family isn’t such a happy picture after all. Meanwhile, a secret organization of old widows makes it their mission to mend Lily’s heart and entice her into helping their struggling pastry shop. (PLUME, May, 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen