Dr. Jasmine Quinlan's life revolves around her research and her care for marine animals. When a dozen dolphins beach themselves, she immediately takes them under her wing.

Triton, guardian of dolphins and a civilian of Oceana, an undersea kingdom, is forced to work with Jasmine to find a cure. He has sworn off women, however, especially land dwellers. But as he learns more about Jaz, he wonders if her life would be better spent with what she loves the most—all things aquatic.

Burton skillfully shows how two beings from entirely different worlds can come together. The hero's vulnerability, hidden by a wall of machismo and sexual power, is a poignant display of what a man goes through when emotions rule his logic. Watching these two characters realize their destiny, coupled with their fantastic foray into Oceana's paradise, makes for a very satisfying read. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne