Image of Domestic Affairs


Image of Domestic Affairs

Betrayal, indiscretions and death surround three women who have gone through so much in their lives. Expect some tears as lessons are learned in this poignant and emotional tale about the importance of family and friends who were once forgotten.

Abigail Armstrong has a successful catering business and what looks like the perfect life with a loving husband and daughter. But Kent, her husband, has become indifferent, and her daughter, Phoebe, is closed off. Abigail also has secrets that no one knows about. Then one day a blast from her past comes looking for help.

Abigail's mother was the housekeeper for Lila DeVries' family, until Lila's mother accused Abigail's mother of theft and threw them out. More than 20 years later, Lila is destitute and asks Abigail for a job. Abigail hires her as housekeeper, and the tension and hurt is very much alive between them. As Lila and Abigail come to terms with their past, along with new betrayals and hurts, they have to decide if they're willing to forgive each other. (Vanguard, Jun., 437 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kate Garrabrant