"Before you trust a man, Lydia's grandmother used to say, you have to know three things: how he spends his money, how he holds his drink, and how he loses his temper."

After years of disregarding her grandmother's advice, Lydia Gold finally takes it to heart. While Abe Bohemius may not be the most exciting boyfriend, he is dependable, trustworthy and generous to a fault. Lydia knows he'll propose to her before the end of their island vacation. But then her "perfect fiancé" disappears…along with $3 million of her family's money.

Disheartened, she tracks down sexy scuba instructor Liam MacNally, who agrees to help her find her missing-and-presumed-dead ex-fiancé.

Lydia's misadventures on her "tropical paradise" are described with humor and heart, as Kwitney gives her readers a glimpse into island life as it was never meant to be. Add to the mix an inept islander, a scam artist, screaming parents and the Russian mafia, which combine to create a fun, lighthearted afternoon read by the pool. (Jun., 288 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Carey Applegate