Image of Dominic: The Lords of Satyr


Image of Dominic: The Lords of Satyr

These two novellas further the Lords of Satyr family story. Some readers may not be comfortable with the male/male sex in "Dominic" and the sexual coercion scenes in "Vincent." The latter tale also feels rushed; the story could have been more detailed and still been interesting. Fans of the Lords of Satyr books will enjoy the update on their favorite characters.

In "Dominic," Jane's sister Emily is stuck in an unhappy marriage with the cruel and sexually unsatisfying Carlo. When Dominic, a demonhand, visits the estate to help birth Emily's daughter -- and Dominic's chosen successor to help destroy the demons in the Else World -- Emily discovers what her body and her heart have been missing.

"Vincent" is Jane and Nicholas' oldest son who has somehow brought Cara, a Shimmerskin creature, to life. Unfortunately, enemies from the Else World have marked Cara as the tool needed to destroy Vincent and the Satyr vineyards. (APHRODISIA, Mar., 256 pp., $12.95.
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Rhomylly Forbes