A unique conglomeration of reincarnation and time travel. It was slow and a bit confusing to start, but as the story progressed, it drew me in and became quite interesting. A rather unlikeable hero at first, Dom develops quite nicely. This is an unusual romance for those with a yen for something different.

Upon the death of Dominick's beloved Isabella, his soul starts a tortured journey. Proclaiming to never love again, this vow hinders him as in life after life, he's held back by his heart's refusal to care for any other woman.

An aspiring opera singer, Laris Thiessen has been having some very disturbing dreams. After meeting the source of them, she has to wonder who is this man and why does she feel so drawn to him?

A journey to Dom's past to escape an old enemy helps Laris understand more than she otherwise would have thought possible.

(Aug., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley