Image of Don't Want to Miss a Thing


Image of Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Utterly charming from the first page, Mansell’s engaging tale is as welcome and warming as a cup of tea on a rainy night. The citizens of Briarwood come to life, in all their quirky and endearing glory, and Mansell’s central couple shares a bond that is as undeniable as it is unpredictable. Though it isn’t a challenge to guess how each character’s journey will unfold, the joy, humor and hope in each scene make the reality of this story a charming escape from the world beyond the page.

Dexter Yates enjoyed every moment of his carefree life in London, from the parties to the girlfriends he acquired effortlessly. But when his older sister dies suddenly and leaves him in charge of his eight-month-old niece, Delphi, life as he knows it ceases to be. Determined to become Delphi’s perfect guardian, Dex moves to the tiny Cotswold village of Briarwood, next door to comic-strip artist Molly Hayes. Thoroughly tired of dating the wrong men, Molly can’t deny the instant connection she feels toward Dex, or her love for little Delphi, but is Dexter really ready to begin again? All of Briarwood is about to find out. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 432 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown