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Benjamin is an extraordinary storyteller who melds sizzling spice, flirty fun and lively laughter to entertain the reader with every word. Three-dimensional characters leap off the pages, captivating readers for an engaging read. This sixth book in the Konigsburg, Texas, series is escapism at its best.

Kit Maldonado hightailed it out of Konigsburg without looking back, leaving Nando Avrogado in the dust. With the family restaurant gone, Kit has returned to manage The Rose, an upscale eatery on the outskirts of town. Arranging her aunt’s wedding, dealing with an affectionate head chef and a tightwad boss should be more than enough to endure. Except she realizes she hasn’t gotten Nando out of her system. Every moment Nando, the town’s new assistant chief of police, turns around, Kit is there resurrecting emotions he believed were buried long ago. After one combustible kiss, there is no refuting their passion. With a mysterious burglar roaming the streets, high jinks ensue. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco