Sarah Calhoun is just as curious about the massive bed rolling through town as everyone else. As the Burr County's only newspaper editor, she has every reason to go and question the beds enigmatic owner. All that stops her is the way her heart bangs in her chest every time she gets near the man as well as her fragile reputation among the townsfolk.

After three grueling years spent trying to make up for her dark past, Sarah has finally managed to earn the townspeoples grudging respect; the last thing she needs now is a run-in with Jack Donovan or his infamous bed.

Mysterious from first to last, he arrived in Burr loaded with money and now it seems he seeks to add a wife to his rapidly growing empire. When Donovan thwarts Sarahs good intentions, she declares war by advertising his search for a wife in her newspaper.

Now every female in the county is hunting Jack down, but Donovan only wants Sarah. However, his secret past could cost him not only the woman he loves but all of his newborn hopes and dreams for the future, as well.

Ms. Mullins humorous tale is fast, easy reading. Witty, fun characters like Jack and Sarah make it easy to understand how the West was tamed and give readers even more reason to enjoy a good, heartwarming historical such as DONOVANS BED. SENSUAL (On-sale Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black