The School for Heiresses is in trouble as Jeffries delivers an irresistible love story with a bad-boy hero, an intrepid heroine and just the right amount of mystery to pique readers' interest and deftly hold them under her spell.

When renowned illusionist Diego Montalvo makes it known that he wants to buy the property adjacent to the school and turn in into a pleasure garden, teacher Lucinda Seton is determined to stop him, even if he is handsome and charming. Diego's agenda isn't to buy the estate but to discover if Lucinda is really the granddaughter of a wealthy Spanish nobleman. If he can return the missing heiress to her family, he can reclaim his family's reputation, lands and title.

But first he must ensure her identity by locating the telltale birthmark on her body. Seducing Lucinda may be part of his plan, but falling in love with the outspoken miss is not going to help him sweep her away to Spain untouched. As everyone attempts to stop Diego, he works his magic on them, only to get caught by his own tricks. Can he betray Lucinda's trust and love? And what will happen when they reach her family in Spain? (POCKET, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin