Image of Don't Kill the Messenger (A Messenger Novel)


Image of Don't Kill the Messenger (A Messenger Novel)

In this highly entertaining start to a new series, chick lit and mainstream fiction author Rendahl mixes things
up with a move into the supernatural realm. Melina is a sarcastic yet lovable heroine who finds that even the middle guy has to take control sometimes. She's surrounded by a varied crew, yet all are realistic assets to Melina's life. Rendahl has a winner on her hands!

Melina Markowitz never asked to die at the age of 3 and come back as a Messenger, but she's learned to deal. Usually she just sends and delivers messages to and from paranormal creatures, but things become a lot more complicated when Melina gets herself involved.

Chinese vampires, the kiang shi, are on the loose, killing rival gangs. When an innocent life is hurt in the crossfire, Melina can't sit back and watch anymore. Using the help she receives from unlikely sources, and relying on herself more than ever, Melina is set to take down a deadly game. If only the guy she's falling for understood her life -- and wasn't a cop! (BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker