The dynamic detective duo from Slightly Shady are back; this time in search of a missing bracelet that disappeared following its owner's death.

Lavinia Lake has retired from mesmerism to put all her energies into her joint business venture with Tobias March, a "discreet" agency for people of quality. When family friend and fellow mesmerist Celeste Hudson is found murdered with a man's cravat around her neck, Lavinia and Tobias are called in. They learn that even the woman's grieving husband had no idea Celeste was about to begin a new enterprise where her talents would reach new heights.

Hired by the widower, Lavinia and Tobias are on the trail of the killer who might also be a thief. A priceless bracelet was removed from Celeste's wrist. The relic, with its blue cameo center, is rumored to have paranormal powers. As their investigation progresses, Lavinia and Tobias move from ballrooms to taverns and encounter a crafty mesmerist who uses some unusual methods to tackle the dangers that lurk in a madman's mind.

Amanda Quick has cleverly joined the ranks of those romantic mystery writers who bring back unforgettable characters to solve yet another intriguing case. Lavinia and Tobias certainly know how to stir up trouble and mix in pleasure while on the job. Readers will be captured by their latest case—a mystery with all the wit, quick pace, suspense and surprises that are Ms. Quick's hallmarks. SENSUAL (Jun., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin