Commercial director Lucy Armstrong knew she was in for a challenge. She agreed to step in for a recently deceased film director on the final four days of shooting an action movie, and she's facing a barrage of problems, including the loss of her staff, egomaniacal stars, a stunt director who's also her ex-husband and a Green Beret adviser hired by her star.

Captain J.T Wilder thought being the military consultant for a movie star would be easy money. What he didn't count on was Lucy Armstrong or the CIA. Of the two, the CIA is going to be less of a problem. It quickly becomes apparent that something strange is going on at this movie shoot; someone is taking the shoot-'em-up scenario a bit too literally.

Bless the day that Crusie and Mayer sat down to chat, for this collaboration is inspired! All of the humor and irony from Crusie's previous books is here in full force, but now it's ratcheted up with a male action-adventure perspective. Lucy and J.T. are polar opposites who are perfect for each other -- not to mention hilarious -- as they try to stay sane in an insane situation. (Apr., 373 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith