After her mother's death, Julia DeMarco lets herself be talked into setting a wedding date. But a chance viewing of a famous 25-year-old photograph sets her on a strange and life-changing journey. The photograph shows a young girl in front of a Russian orphanage. Julia is a dead ringer for that child and has the very same necklace the girl is wearing.

Julia's mother was always secretive, so Julia decides to track down the photographer, Charles Manning. He died shortly after the picture was taken, but she does locate his son Alex, who is also a famous photographer. Alex has been haunted by that photo--he's the one who actually took the picture--and his father's death. When the photo was mistakenly published, Charles swore his son to secrecy and then died in a car accident days later. Without knowing it, Julia has now opened a dangerous can of worms.

Dark, hidden secrets and stunning betrayal boil together in a potent and moving suspense. Freethy's storytelling ability is top-notch. (Oct., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith