Staub's latest is the quintessential thriller -- packed full of scintillating suspense, deadly secrets and a multitude
of murderous suspects. This novel is a scary roller-coaster ride that carries you along until the breathless conclusion.

Ten years ago, Massachusetts sorority sisters Brynn, Fiona, Cassie and Tildy witnessed the horrible death of fellow sister Rachel, who fell off a cliff on her birthday during a night of excessive drinking. None of the four women ever reported Rachel's death, and they continue to remain secretive about that night because somehow her body disappeared after her fall. Could she really have survived?

Fast-forward 10 years. Today Brynn, Fiona, Cassie and Tildy are receiving cryptic birthday cards that appear to be from Rachel. Terrified, they believe that either Rachel survived or someone else knew about that fateful night. As the women's various birthdays approach, they realize they're in grave danger. A killer out there seems to know their every move. (Zebra, May, 476 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick