Author Bethany Campbell outdoes herself with this truly chilling and fascinating tale. DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS will leave goosebumps and make you look at your computer with new eyes.

After years of devoting herself to her family, widow Carrie Blue has decided to go back to school. When Private Detective Hayden Ivanovich needs two students to help him in an internet investigation, one of Carrie's professors recommends her.

Edmon Welkin, Jr. AKA Parsival is desperately afraid that something terrible has happened to Grechen Small AKA Selena the Moon Goddess. Edmon fell in love with Grechen/ Selena while entering the cyber world of Omega Moon. In this unique on-line world, people can be anything...princesses, dragons, warlocks or nymphs. Unless a participant chooses to reveal themselves, it is all completely anonymous and allows people to let down all their inhibitions. Selena fell for a new character in Omega and started ignoring Parsival. She then confided that she was going to meet her mystery man, but Selena/ Grechen never returned. Edmon fears that she has been harmed or even killed, so he hires Hayden to try and discover what really happened.

Per Hayden's instructions, Carrie joins Omega Moon to see what she can uncover. The unique and spellbinding appeal of the world captivates Carrie, but she finds the darker side of the games very disturbing.

Jon Rosmer has many names and identities on Omega Moon; ones that allow him to discover and prey upon lonely women. This serial killer has selected his next target, and plans to strike soon. Can Carrie and Hayden unmask his true identity in time?

(Dec., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith