Image of Don't Tell a Soul


Image of Don't Tell a Soul

Warren masterfully crafts dynamic characters who gel together so well, while remaining unique, that their stories are like an umbilical cord that provides literary nourishment to each reader until the book ends. Yvonne, Taylor and Pam are Christian women who struggle with forgiveness, trust, love and everyday drama. Don’t Tell a Soul is a must-have for best girlfriends to recognize themselves, trifling Christians in their lives, folks that need salvation in a hurry and situations that test and prove their faith in God.

Eight years have passed since the friends’ first appearance in What a Sista Should Do. Yvonne is the do-gooder whose ex-husband nearly beat the ability to love out of her. Kingston, the handsome choir director, is determined to show her a woman’s worth. Pam’s husband is so obsessed with managing a female singer’s career that he undervalues his wife’s book deal and underestimates her suspicions. Taylor has her own husband now; Yvonne forgives her for having a son with hers. Pasts always seem to find a way into the present. (DAFINA, Jan., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton