Image of Don't Tempt Me (Georgian, Book 4)


Image of Don't Tempt Me (Georgian, Book 4)

Day crafts several intricate love stories (for a mother and twin daughters) that seamlessly slip from one scorching romance to another. Readers will devour every word of this daringly original, boldly sensual and brilliantly plotted book -- and they'll be breathless by its riveting conclusion.

To save the life of her lover, the Marquis de Saint-Martin, Marguerite Piccard agrees to marry de Grenier. She never forgets Phillipe while raising her twin daughters. She's devastated when she's told that her eldest, Lysette, has died. In truth Lysette is an assassin for the crown, working against the British. She's a pawn in spymaster Desjardin's scheme to gain information from one of Benjamin Franklin's aides.

Meanwhile, her shy, quiet sister, Lynette, has attracted the attention of Irish mercenary and spy Simon Quinn. Simon believes Lynette is the woman he captured and "traded back" to Desjardin three years ago, and he's confused as to how she went from hardened spy to delicate miss. As the tension of their missions mount and lives become entangled, deceptions from the past collide with the present and an insatiable love is born. (Brava, Apr., 300 pp., $14.00)

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Kathe Robin