Image of Doomsday Can Wait


Image of Doomsday Can Wait

One success does not an apocalypse
stop. That's the situation in the second book of Handeland's sexy, gritty Phoenix Chronicles. Readers again view the world through the eyes of
ex-cop turned humanity's savior Liz Phoenix as she struggles to comprehend unfolding events. Handeland slowly begins parsing out clues to
the complex mythology built into this series, and the apocalyptic atmosphere lends a precarious feel to the story as her protagonists race time and their own shadowy instincts.

Although she won a battle against the dark forces trying to break into this world, new federation leader Liz Phoenix lost three-quarters of her foot soldiers. Liz has also been targeted for annihilation by the eerie Naye'i, or woman of smoke. Naye'i also happens to be the mother of Liz's ally, the skinwalker Sawyer.

As if that weren't enough, Liz's old lover Jimmy Sanducci is still trying to recover from his discovery that he is a dhampir. Having fallen prey to his evil father, Jimmy's control is shot. To destroy Naye'i, Liz is going to need help from both Sawyer and Jimmy, but can she trust either of them? (ST. MARTIN'S, May, 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith