The fabulous Joan Overfield leaps into glory with a splendiferous foray into time-travel the way you always wanted it to be.

It is her wedding night. The new Countess of Harrington, the former Miss Miranda Winthrop, awaits her new husband with some trepidation. It is, of course, a marriage of convenience, and there is always the possibility that her charming suitor might in reality turn into a domestic tyrant. But the conversation she inadvertently overhears is far more wounding, and the bitterly hurt bride takes shelter in a recently discovered secret room where

She wakes at the feet of an angry stranger, who demands to know in the crudest of terms just what she is doing in his house! London policeman Alec Bramwell is convinced the lady on the floor is just a figment of his thoroughly drunken imagination-until he wakes up the next morning and finds Miranda still there. Can he really believe her wild story of having been transported to the present from 1811?

Time, however, is running short in more ways than one. As Alec tries to catch the mad bomber who has made him a personal target, Miranda discovers that her disappearance has triggered a grave miscarriage of justice. Trapped by honor and duty, Alec and Miranda must make a decision that may doom their new-found love forever.

Ms. Overfield has gifted us with a magnificent triumph of the heart, a surefire classic every romance fan will read over and over again. (Nov., 288 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer