Since childhood, Mirage has worked hard and excelled in her training as a hunter. When her close friend and former classmate Eclipse turns up with a commission for two, Mirage doesn't hesitate. Someone has murdered a prominent witch and Mirage and Eclipse are tasked with uncovering both the assassin and whoever hired him. Mirage has never liked witches, and because she has the telltale red hair but no powers, she has occasionally been mistaken for one.

As a witch in training, Miryo has studied and prepared for the day when she would undertake her final tests. However, while undergoing those tests, something strange happens and Miryo is told that while she has the power of a witch, she can't use her powers unless she kills her doppelganger, which in defiance of custom still lives. If Miryo is to save her magic and her life, she must destroy her doppelganger. But can Miryo hunt the hunter and destroy someone who looks like her?

Kudos to Brennan for writing such a remarkable first novel and creating a distinctive fantasy world that poses a unique magical and ethical question. The twin heroines follow an electrifying and knife-edged journey that takes readers to uncharted territory. An exceptional debut for what looks to be an intriguing series! (Apr., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith