Image of Dorothy Must Die


Image of Dorothy Must Die

We’re not in Kansas anymore. In this dark re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz, Amy Gumm is a trailer trash Dorothy on a mission to reverse L. Frank Baum’s classic tale. Amy is funny and down to earth with more real drama than the average YA heroine: a mother addicted to painkillers and an absentee dad, to start. A brilliantly recreated cast of characters rounds out this promising debut.

Amy Grumm is an ordinary Kansas girl, except for her living in a tin can on cinder blocks with her addict mom. She’s determined to get out of her stifling Kansas town, but when it finally happens it’s not the way she planned. Amy becomes a second generation Dorothy, swept into the land of Oz with a mission of her own. This time, there’s no wicked witch to destroy — Amy’s target is Dorothy herself. (HARPERCOLLINS, Apr., 464 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062280671,PB, 14 & Up)

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