Image of The Double (Spero Lucas)


Image of The Double (Spero Lucas)

Book two in the Spero Lucas series is workmanlike but compelling. Pelecanos’ hero being a veteran of the war in Afghanistan provides a platform to discuss war, its after-effects and how our society deals – or doesn’t – with our wounded warriors. The author injects his immense knowledge of rock and roll into the narrative and places us right in the middle of Washington, D.C. There’s too much weaponry involved for this reviewer’s tastes, but it is completely in keeping with how a street-smart vet and private “fixer” would operate.

Spero Lucas is keeping things together, working for an attorney friend on cases, biking and kayaking, attracting the ladies and visiting his fellow veterans in rehab. But a seemingly simple case of retrieving a painting for its rightful owner leads him into conflict with a trio of vicious criminals. Another complication is his powerful attraction to an unattainable woman. (LITTLE, BROWN, Oct., 304 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French