Image of Double Dare (Blaze #324)


Image of Double Dare (Blaze #324)
Audra Walker prides herself on still being a Wicked Chick, despite all the time she spends on her career as a lingerie designer. But the other Chicks think she's getting too conservative and, when they're at a club, dare her to sleep with the next man who comes in. She picks up Jesse Martinez, a cyber-crime cop who has gone into the field to find what the computer hacker he's investigating is doing. When he sees Audra with the man, he thinks she might be part of the gang, so he has to investigate her -- ideally without sleeping with her. Can this good boy find happiness with a Wicked Chick with severe trust issues? Double Dare (4), by Tawny Weber, mixes sizzling sex, strong characters and suspense into an exciting, satisfying book.
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Page Traynor