Image of Double Enchantment


Image of Double Enchantment

Clever Kennedy returns to her alternate-reality series Relics of Merlin, where magic is alive. A splash of danger adds zest, but the heroine and her double, and the hero's relationship with both, puts a strain on the developing romance. Still, Kennedy's world is intriguing and filled with pageantry and adventure.

While trying to cover up for her kleptomaniac mother, Lady Jasmina Karlyle casts a spell that creates a shadow double. To her horror, Jasmina learns that because the stolen item she was trying to return was a Relic of Merlin, her doppelganger truly has come to life.

Were-stallion Sir Sterling Thorn is captivated by Jaz, the mystery woman he meets at a ball. After a sexual tryst he marries her. When he learns that his now-missing bride was not the real Jasmina, he's stunned. Sterling came to London for a reason: to find his missing sister Angel. When the prince requests the help of both Jasmina and Sterling in recapturing the relic, they agree -- and the enforced proximity proves highly distracting. (LOVE SPELL, Sep., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith