Smart, sexy and seductive, Holt's stories lure readers into wanting more
and more of her emotional, riveting love stories. Her latest is scandalous
yet romantic, tempting yet tender and very memorable.

Anne Carstairs and her sister Sarah are living with malicious relatives when the newly minted earl, Jamieson Merrick, and his twin brother, Jackson, arrive at Gladstone. The instant they meet, sparks fly between Anne and Jamie. As infants, the twins were denied their inheritance and sent off to sail the globe as privateers. Now, Jamie wants what's rightfully his: a title, Gladstone and a wife. He declares he'll marry Anne, and a battle of wills ensues, even as Anne begins to crave Jamie's touch.

Meanwhile, Jack discovers Sarah's hidden past and her deepest desires. The couples embark on titillating journeys of love and trust that draw them into a killer's scheme. (St. Martin's. Mar., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin