In a high-stakes follow-up to last year's exciting Point Blank, the extremely clever Coulter follows two treacherous cases that unexpectedly intersect. The Sherlock and Savich FBI team is out in full force as they explore cases of doppelgangers, psychics and assassins. There are plenty of top-notch thrills from a consistently top-notch writer.

Following her famous psychic husband's murder, Julia Ransom is the prime suspect -- until an assassin tries to kill her on a San Francisco pier. Only the coincidental presence of FBI agent Cheney Stone saves her. Intrigued, Cheney immerses himself in the case.

Meanwhile, Virginia Sheriff Dixon Noble receives a phone call regarding the possible sighting of his long-missing, presumed-dead wife, Christie. Apparently, Christie is in San Francisco, going by the name Charlotte Pallack and married to a wealthy businessman. Dix flies out but thinks Charlotte's twinlike appearance is just a coincidence -- until he sees her with a bracelet he gave Christie. Something very strange is going on, especially since Charlotte's husband is also a former client of Ransom. (PUTNAM, Jun., 420 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith